Convenient Pre-Purchase - Everything You Need to Know
About Making Cemetery Pre-Arrangements. Simple. Easy. Effortless.


Here is helpful information on the benefits of pre-planning cemetery arrangements
for you and your loved ones.

More than 50% of all Americans ages 50-74 have already pre-planned. Pre-planning enables you to choose your arrangements according to your wishes and needs.

236 cemeteries in the Convenient Pre-Purchase network offer no or low-interest payment plans suitable to any budget. And everyone is approved, regardless of credit history.

Pre-Planning enables you to:

  • Help your loved ones understand your wishes and how they will be affected
  • Spare your family from making hard decisions at an emotionally stressful time
  • Make a financially sound decision
  • Alleviate additional grief at the time of loss, so your loved ones can focus on memorializing your life

Pre-plan today for security and peace of mind from knowing "it's all been taken care of."

Convenient Pre-Purchase makes the process simple. With many different options available, you can pre-purchase your cemetery plot by mail, phone, or in-personit's your choice.

By pre-purchasing cemetery space, you'll spare your family the burden of making this decision for you at a difficult time in their lives. Imagine the security and peace of mind from knowing "it's all been taken care of."