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Convenient Pre-Purchase

Convenient Pre-Purchase began in 2006. It was created because consumers wanted another way of pre-planning their cemetery arrangements. The traditional way of funeral planning was to have a memorial counselor come to one’s home. To some this was intimidating. Conversely, for many, the Convenient Pre-Purchase system is a more appealing way of pre-planning. Within the comfort of one’s home, the consumer can either pre-purchase in-person, by phone, online, or by mail.  Based on their preference, the consumer chooses what is most convenient and easy. 

 Convenient Pre-Purchase has many benefits.

  • Avoids inflation by locking in today’s prices
  • Prevents emotional overspending
  • Lessens bereavement’s impact
  • Guarantees your burial preferences
  • Brings security and peace of mind
  • Convenient Pre-Purchase is budget friendly
  • Everyone is approved for our affordable payment plans
  • Regardless of your credit, you are approved

Convenient Pre-Purchase has 252 participating cemeteries across 26 states and growing. 

Our mission is “Helping Families Memorialize Every Life With Dignity.”